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Tibetan Yoga & Qigong


     This Tibetan yoga series is rooted in Tibetan Buddhist practice. There are several Tibetan Yoga traditions, this yoga is called Five Wisdoms Yoga and lama Jamyang is the lineage holder of this yoga.

   The portion of yoga that is openly taught at the temple can be called Qigong, it can be learned and practiced by anybody regardless of spiritual tradition or beliefs, it is your work with your body and your energies inherent within you. This Qigong can bring almost immediate benefits, as it strengthens and refines prana or qi, the vital “wind” force, balancing the body and mind. Using your own body and mind, the subtle energies of body and innate ability of your mind, you can improve health significantly, physical health and mental health. Increasing your energy, relaxing your mind and body, clearing your mind of negative emotions, improving functioning of your body's organs. As you learn to control your breath, you learn to control your mind, freeing yourself from stress, depression, phobias and excessive fear and anxiety.

   This powerful practice that engages your inner energies and expands your awareness, can remove obstacles from your life as you learn to let go of negative thinking and clear negative energies, making yourself healthier and more confident.

   However to experience the full benefit of Tibetan Qigong, regular practice is necessary, that's why this knowledge is available only to serious committed practitioners.


The portion of Tibetan Yoga that deals with spiritual aspect and deeper levels of awareness is reserved, according to tradition, for serious practitioners of Vajrayana Buddhism.

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