Five Wisdoms Temple is a place of learning and practicing Buddha-Dharma, a place for developing faith in your potential of Buddhahood. Supporting the Temple and its Dharma activities is keeping the window open for the light of Buddha-Dharma and a way of accumulating merit. Donations can be made in general or as offering for butter lamps, for fire puja or incense; there are also specific prayers and services that donations can be made towards.

Offering for butter lamps

Lighting butter lamps represents sincere faih in our Buddha-nature. When the butter lamp is lit it starts to melt and is consumed by flame. This melting and consuming is melting and clearing of the collection of karma that formed our body. When you light the lamp of your fundamental mind, the accumulation of karma will begin to melt down. Offering butter lamps to Buddha creates great merit.

Offering for fire puja

Fire puja is a powerful method for clearing obstacles and transforming pain and suffering into positive energy. Sponsoring fire puja creates great merit too.

Offering for the Temple

Support Five Wisdoms Temple and all its Dharma activities by making a donation

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