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Feng-shui consultation

Reading and assessing the influences of energy present in the surrounding you environment, your home or business

Everything in the Universe functions as one interconnected whole. We are surrounded by not only physical things and beings that we can see and touch, we are equally surrounded by energies and beings invisible to our regular senses.

The negative influences from different sources of energies can affect our health, both physical and mental, or impede success of a business. Identifying the negative influences and clearing these energies can bring a significant positive difference for you and your family.

Spaces with bad feng-shui cause stress for the body and mind that can turn into health problems and obstacles in life.


"... in creating a healing environment look for ways to reduce stress in the environment. This is based on research from the field of psychoneuroimmunology that shows how emotional stress impacts our bodies in multiple ways."

(Minnesota University Center for Spirituality and Healing)


Each individual's circumstances are different, that's why personal communication with the Master is essential, so he could assess your situation and offer the solution.


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